July Newsletter Snip

Sunday School


Godz Kidz read Samuel 1:17-47 and learned the verse, “The Battle is the Lord’s.”  The story of David & Goliath taught them that their faith in God will protect them no matter their size. The children made crafts with slingshots, pebbles, and popcorn. They also learned about the 10 Commandments and discussed what they believed each Commandment meant. They made popsicle stick frames outlining each of the 10 Commandments. Godz Kidz also learned about America’s freedoms, and how they relate to what we learn in the Bible. “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)  The children learned about the symbolic nature of the colors of the American Flag (courage, purity, and faithfulness) and how we can connect their meaning to Jesus. Patriotic American Flag crafts were made to celebrate our country’s independence.