Following Christ, Developing his people, Reaching out to the World

Our vision is to continue growing a community of Christ-focused people known for a ministry that:

Worships in the Apostolic tradition

Experiences the Joy of the Lord

Meets people’s needs

Trains people in biblical living

Welcomes seekersMaintains the community


Whether you’re just looking for a traditional place to worship or you want to be an active part of a community that values Christian fellowship and good works, you’ll find it here. You’ll also find the support you need to get a handle on your life, to find out what’s most important to you, and to manage whatever life sends your way.

What else will you find at Christ Church? An opportunity to make a connection with God on a very personal level. We continue a tradition established by Christ Church in 1894 of connecting mountain folk with Christ. Over the years our mountain community has changed, but the good news of Jesus remains the same - And that is what we’re about. We invite you to check us out. Be our guest for worship this Sunday and experience our Joyful Spirit. We’d like to meet you.

Michael Bush

Fr. Michael Bush was ordained to the priesthood on January 14, 2021, and celebrated his first communion for his new parish, Christ Church, on January 17, 2021. Fr. Michael also serves as a military chaplain. Before his call to the priesthood Fr. Michael spent 8 years in the United States...

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Chuck Kendall

Chuck Kendall is the deacon of Christ Church Anglican.  Deacon Chuck is employed as an electrical engineer at a consulting firm in Mariposa.  He answered God’s call into the ministry in 1992 at St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Mariposa and began serving at Christ Church in 2019. Deacon Kendall grew up...

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Gordon Kamai

Fr. Gordon Kamai is the rector emeritus of Christ Church Anglican. After serving at Christ Church for over 18 years, he retired from Christ Church in January 2021. Fr. Gordon will continue to be active in Diocesan work. He concluded a career working as a tax attorney to answer God’s...

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