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Find Support

Find the Support You Need

Let’s be honest, life can throw any of us a curveball at any time, and we can be stuck questioning where to turn to. We have all experienced, at times, feeling confused, stuck, uncertain, or frustrated about life and not knowing how to move on. We here at Christ Church want to let you know that no matter what you are going through, we can be a helping hand. Helping those who feel lost is part of the mission of our church. At Christ Church, whatever you’re going through, we want to support you in your journey.

You're Not Alone

It can be easy to believe that you are the only one who is facing challenges in life. You might like you are the only person having issues with money, marriage, your job, health, or addiction, but we want you to know that you are not alone in your struggles. You might be thinking that no one can relate to what you are going through and experiencing because of a significant burden or loss. It might seem everyone around you is doing well, but that is not really the case. People often put on a smile even though they are struggling as well.

Every person faces challenges in their lives at one time or another, and many people face some of the very same things—for example, many struggles with addiction. Every marriage at times comes under stressful times. Money and jobs stress is also common among most of us. At some time, everyone will suffer loss.